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Top 10 Best Budget Smartphones with Fingerprint Sensor in 2020

After years of rumors and leaks, smartphones with fingerprint scanners are finally in the market.No doubt, it feels and looks futuristic.Once there was a time when we have to use pin, password, or pattern to unlock our smartphone. But thanks to the new tech for making the experience to an ultimate level via fingerprint sensors. And nowadays, you can get this exclusive feature in a budget phone besides premium ones. Different manufacturers are implementing finger sensors now in most of their strokes. Therefore, it’s becoming more disordered to figure the best budget fingerprint sensor smartphone ever than before. So, we have sorted out 10 of the best smartphones with better fingerprint sensors with an affordable price tag. But before head into the review, lets’ get an idea about how these fingerprint sensors work on smartphones.

Human fingerprints are actually very unique, and no two people will have the same fingerprint, even not the identical twins. So having a fingerprint lock to protect the personal information on our phone is really a good idea. In general, a fingerprint reader operates by catching the guide of ridges and valleys on your thumb. The data is then processed by the phone’s pattern analysis and matching software, which then compares it to the list of already registered fingerprints on the phone. And if a successful match is found, your identity will be verified, and access will be granted to unlock the phone. There are three different types of fingerprint scanners commonly used in phones – optical, capacitive, and ultrasonic.

Intending to meet budget seekers’ expectations, we have encountered an enormous number of budget smartphones. After a while of experience and tests, we recommend this review for those who are searching for low or mid-budget smartphones.

1.Samsung Galaxy A20s

+ Latest Android 9.0 Pie
+  Impressive CPU performance
+ High-end GPU
+ Up to 1TB expandable memory

Bulky on hands
  Average resolution
  No NFC

Samsung Galaxy A20s

Display size : 6.50 inch
Display resolution : 720×1560 
Rear camera : 13MP +8MP +5MP
Front camera : 8MP

Processor (CPU) : 1.8GHz 
Ram and Rom : 3GB 32GB ,4GB 64GB
Battery : 4000 mAh
Network : 2G,3G and 4G

Last year, Samsung launched its A20, which got an enormous positive appraisal among the users for the budget price. It was one of the successful models from the Samsung smartphone family. And this Galaxy A20s is the newly introduced upgraded model of that series.

For security purposes, Samsung Galaxy A20s is coming up on the market with both fingerprint, and facial unlock options. The fingerprint reader is found on the rear section of the frame, and it is easily reachable. With the screen lock, the phone unlocks in nearly 1 second. However, with speed on, the device can be unlocked within a snap.

2.Motorola Moto E6 Play

+ IPS display
+ Good battery backup
+ Very lightweight
+ Reckless processor

IPS display
30 fps for video

Motorola Moto E6 Play
  • Display size : 5.5 inches
  • Display resolution : 720 x 1440 pixels
  • Rear camera : 13MP
  • Aperture : f/2.0
  • Front camera : 5MP
  • Aperture : f/2.0

Processor (CPU) : Octa-core 1.4 GHz 
Ram and Rom : 2GB 32GB
Battery : 3000 mAh battery
Network : GSM / CDMA / HSPA / EVDO / LTE (dual-SIM )

It is needless to say that many of you get confused between Moto E6 and Moto E6 Play. Yeah, both of these are different Motorola smartphones. In our thought, Moto E6 Play is the end line to stop your many of your accuse on the base model since that doesn’t come with a fingerprint sensor.
We would not say that it has the swiftest fingerprint sensor among them all since, but compared to the budget price, it does worth your attention.

3.Nokia 4.2

+ Big display size
+ Better RAM compared to the price
+ Waterproof notch
+ Satisfying battery backup

 No dual-band WiFi
Poor speaker quality
Takes a long time to get fully charged

Nokia 4.2
  • Display size : 5.71 inch
  • Display resolution : 720 X1520
  • Rear camera : 13MP+ 2MP
  • Aperture : f/2.2
  • Front camera : 8MP
  • Aperture : f/2.0
  • Processor (CPU) : Octa-core 
  • Ram and Rom : 2GB 16GB and 3GB 32 GB
  • Battery : 3000 mAh battery
  • Network : GSM / HSPA / LTE

We should admit that Nokia 4.2 has the fastest fingerprint reader among today’s top 10 budget smartphones. The installation process is always quite adaptive. Unlike other smartphone devices, this phone has an on-display fingerprint indicator. Apparently, that allows you to know whether your phone has fingerprint reader enabled or not.

Though there is no objection from our side regarding the speed of the fingerprint sensor, we did find an accuracy standard with the Nokia 4.2. After a while of using, you would need to set up the fingerprint reader again, which might feel irritating something.

4.BLU C6 (2019)

+ High-end chipset boosts up the performance
+  Good photography result
+  Versatile design available
+  Very price efficient

  For light usages

BLU C6 2019
  • Display size : 6.0 inches
  • Display resolution : 720 x 1440
  • Rear camera : 8MP
  • Front camera : 8MP

Processor (CPU) : 1.3 GHz
Ram and Rom : 1GB 16GB
Battery : 2800 mAh
Network : GSM , HSPA

At number four of our budget smartphone reviews, we have the BLU C6 2019. You might not hear about the phone very much, but, indeed, the smartphone manufacturer is slowly creating its field in the user’s heart  This thicker budget smartphone does have a quick fingerprint scanner on the rear part of the body. 

Since it’s a 6-inch massive smartphone, you might found it tough to get access to your finger to the fingerprint reader position. Obviously, no worries if you have big thumbs. However, the speed of the fingerprint unlock feature is pretty satisfactory.

5.Xiaomi Mi A3

+ Gorilla Glass 5
+  AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
+  Majestic cameras
+  Better RAM support

Comparably pricy
  Non-removable battery

  • Display size : 6.08 inch
  • Display resolution : 720×1560
  • Rear camera : 48MP +8MP +2MP
  • Front camera : 32MP
  • Aperture : f/2.0
  • Processor (CPU) : 2GHz
  • Ram and Rom : 4GB 64GB , 4GB 128GB and 6GB 128GB 
  • Battery : 4030 mAh
  • Network : GSM, CDMA, LTE

Xiaomi is the only brand in the smartphone manufacturer industry that shows the world the most upgraded devices in the mid-budget range. By following the trend, they introduced Mi A3 a few months ago.

It is the first optical under-display fingerprint sensor smartphone in our list, and having something like that in the budget is genuinely remarkable. Because of the handy 6.9 inches of display, it would be tough to reach the fingerprint scanner. 

That’s why; Xiaomi has implemented it on the front. Reaching the lock base and the speed, both were equally swift with this budget smartphone.

6.Motorola Moto G7 Play

+ Patented Gorilla Glass protection
+ Outstanding camera
+ Strong battery capacity
+ Takes less time to charge

IPS display
  The battery is not removable

  • Display size : 5.70
  • Display resolution : 720×1512 pixels
  • Rear camera : 13MP
  • Aperture : f/2.0
  • Front camera : 8MP
  • Aperture : f/2.2
  • Processor (CPU) : 1.8GHz octa-core
  • Ram and Rom : 2GB 32GB
  • Battery : 3000 mAh
  • Network : GSM, Nano-SIM, 3G, 4G/ LTE

It’s time to head into another Motorola phone. The Moto G7 Play is mostly known for its low price mainly. And, after the last major update, it seems like the Moto G7 Play is going to destroy the competition.
The quick rear fingerprint scanner allows you to unlock the phone very fast. 

Not only the speed, but it also has a stable accuracy rate as well. The fingerprint readers also enhance your online purchase, bank sign in experience faster and efficient, which is rare in budget smartphones. Let’s this deserves the cheer of “hello Moto.”

7.Huawei Y6s (2019)

+ Great performance
+ No lag showed up in mid-level gaming
+ Low light photo quality is nice
+ Huawei SuperSound featured

Average multitasking speed
Screen clarity isn’t satisfactory

Huawei Y6s (2019)
  • Display size : 6.09 inches
  • Display resolution : 720 x 1560
  • Display type : IPS LCD
  • Rear camera : 13MP
  • Aperture : f/1.8
  • Front camera : 8 MP
  • Aperture : f/2.0
  • Processor (CPU) : Quad-core 2.0 GHz
  • Ram and Rom : 3GB 32GB and 3GB 64GB
  • Battery : 3020mAh Non-removable Li-Ion battery
  • Network : GSM / HSPA / LTE

Huawei Y6 is a low-ranged phone by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Fortunately, after grinding with the OS issue, finally, the company is settled down and focusing on innovations. If comparing with the earlier Mi A3, this phone is the perfect contender in the ring. But yes, it’s not regarding the price.

The fingerprint scanner performs quite well and fast. It took less than a half-second to unlock the screen. We also found the scanner position is adaptive and comfortable to reach. Without the fingerprint scanner, it also does have a facial unlock means getting the Y6, getting something more.

8.Motorola One Macro

+ Longer battery life
+ Doesn’t get warm after heavy-usages
+ Macro camera lens for better visibility
+ Affordable price

No optical zoom available
Missing full HD support
No fast charging

Motorola One Macro
  • Display size : 6.20 inches
  • Display resolution : 720×1520
  • Rear camera : 13MP +2MP + 2MP 
  • Aperture : f/2.0,f/2.2, f/2.2
  • Front camera : 8MP 
  • Aperture : f/2.2
  • Processor (CPU) : 2GHz octa-core
  • Ram and Rom : 4GB 64GB
  • Battery : 4000 mAh
  • Network : 2G,3G,4G

Motorola One Macro is the latest budget phone with cool gradient design and mostly highlighted for its macro lens. The premium design itself is so remarkable and rare in that kind of budget phone.  

Without that, it has a moderately fast physical fingerprint scanner on the back part. The rear-mounted fingerprint reader performance is similar to the Moto G8 Plus, which is considerably expensive. 

For further support and preferences, there is a full facial recognition feature as well, and that’s a good alternative of the base unlock features. All in all, it is handy, reachable, and swift.

9.Samsung Galaxy A10s

+ Colorful display
+ Small notch
+ Pleasing touch response
+ The dual camera on the back

Fingerprint sensor shape is not adaptable
Low RAM compared to the price

Samsung Galaxy A10s
  • Display size : 6.20 inches
  • Display resolution : 720×1520 
  • Rear camera : 13MP + 2MP
  • Aperture : (f/1.8), (f/2.4)
  • Front camera : 8MP
  • Aperture : (f/2.0)
  • Processor (CPU) : 1.5GHz octa-core
  • Ram and Rom : 2GB 32GB and 3GB 32GB
  • Battery : 4000 mAh
  • Network : 2G,3G and 4G

Well, we have come across our second last contender of the best budget smartphone review. Yes, this budget phone doesn’t come with the best fingerprint reader, and you should not compare the performance to the A20s since it is the previous version of the series. 

Yet, if you are searching for a lower-priced smartphone with a fingerprint scanner, the Galaxy A10s is a powerful challenger. In that sense, we found the fingerprint scanner is fast enough not to irritate you and would advise you to adjust with the little accuracy it does have.

10.Xiaomi Redmi 8

+ Dual rear camera
+ 5000 mAh battery
+ Comes with splash-proof
+ Massive display for watching videos and gaming

Below average CPU
No opportunity to optimize performance

Xiaomi Redmi 8
  • Display size : 6.22 inches
  • Display resolution :  720×1520 
  • Display type : IPS LCD
  • Rear camera : 12MP + 2MP
  • Front camera : 8MP
  • Aperture : f/2.0
  • Processor (CPU) : 2GHz octa-core
  • Ram and Rom : 3GB 32GB , 4GB 64GB
    Battery : 5000 mAh
    Network : 2G , 3G, 4G ,sim 2, Nano-sim

Finally, we have got the last nominee of the day, XiaomiRedmi 8. Xiaomi is the most popular smartphone in Asia because of its premium quality offerings, more exceptional battery backup at a meager price. And this Redmi 8 budget smartphone also followed by the same consistency.
The unique position of the fingerprint sensor it has is identical to users because of having different materials rather than the polycarbonate back body. But still, since the rear cameras and fingerprint sensors are placed nearly, it would be a bit confusing to find out the sensor sometimes. Contrariwise, accuracy, and speed areadequate.

Final Verdict

Well, that is the end of our best budget, fingerprint sensor smartphone reviews. Since you want to spend a tiny budget on your next smartphone, you have to compromise with some of the premium features. 

But be assured that above 10 are the best alternatives according to our findings. So, now it’s your turn to pick the ultimate one. For further assistance, buzz us in the comment box.

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